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Israel75: Building Artistic Connections offers an opportunity for your students to explore, connect and reflect upon the cultural, artistic and historical narratives of Israel. Having reviewed the objects in the catalogue, you will need to guide your class on their creative, open-ended journey. The final compositions can be; pieces of visual art,  plays,  fashion shows, films, animations, sculptures or installations. The options are truly endless and this project should offer an opportunity to showcase creativity, originality and imagination. 

Our creative model will guide your students from discovery and enquiry to analysis and then finally to innovation. 

Final submissions need to be completed and sent to us by 28th February 2023.

* Submission projects should be up to 50 cm long x  20cm wide, and 20cm high. Please do not include expensive technologies or heavy materials.

Film/video/digital clips: Any art display that is a film/digital clip must include subtitles and be sent to us as a digital file. If chosen, it will be played on a screen in the museum exhibit.  

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